Academic, schools and GED® testing

Secondary schools and beyond

Education comes in many forms — from public to private — with names ranging from high school to adult education, finishing school to college and university. Pearson VUE® Authorized Test Centers in academic institutions provide immediate benefits to their schools and students, offering a way to:

  • Supplement student learning with a convenient, on-site location for computer-based testing
  • Incent staff and alumni to achieve higher credentials in their lines of work
  • Provide a community service, welcoming test takers not associated with the school
  • Design a schedule that leverages computer labs when they are not being utilized for teaching
  • Drive revenue

GED® Testing

Starting in 2014, the GED® test is all new — it's now computer based, delivered for the first time in Pearson VUE® authorized test centers and no longer an endpoint for adults, but rather a springboard for further education, training, and better paying jobs.

The change is exciting. Adult and community education programs that administered the previous paper and pencil version are becoming test centers in record number. Our support services team will provide guidance to help you create and maintain a distraction-free, state-of-the-art computer-based testing facility. Look to us for the following:

  • Clearly defined technical and facility requirements
  • Secure testing environment via the Pearson VUE security kit
  • Installation assistance and software training
  • 24/7 support
  • Plus, online chat and telephone support for your test takers

Existing test centers can also add GED testing to their offerings, further expanding their programs and outreach to new audiences.

Academic programs offered through Pearson VUE

Flexible program options

  • Classroom/computer lab – Take advantage of existing computer workstations that can do double-duty as testing stations.
  • Mobile testing – A great option for one-time test events, allowing you to test at conferences and locations beyond the standard classroom or lab.
  • Public test center – Pearson VUE allows your center to offer public testing to the community.

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